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70years Anniversary Celebration

25th Memorial Anniversary Celebration

25th Memorial Anniversary Celebration of Thearc Daniel Kingsley Arthur, founder and leader of the only Soul Gospel Doctrine called PSYCHISM. The Doctrine which is pure and undiluted. The Doctrine which is divine and will lead your soul safely to the 6th Heaven where the Saints on earth are to spend eternity.

In a sermon preached by Preacher Benjamin Amusah to commemorate the 25th Memorial Anniversary, he said as Christians, our strength is in Christ who is the Rock of our Salvation. He reiterated that unless one abides by the principles in the Bible which the founder summarised as JUSTICE , ABOMINATIONS and OSTRACISMS as in Matthew 13: 48, our fellowship with Christ will be questionable. The Preacher also stressed the need for all Christians to pray fervently for peace to prevail in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Emphasis was made to Ps 122 vs 6 which states, ” Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and it shall prosper thee”. In a brief message to the country on its 65th independence Anniversary, Preacher Benjamin Amusah said the only way we can appreciate our forefathers who fought with their blood to get us this independence is to ensure that we don’t play with the peace we are enjoying as a country by encouraging war mongering but to preach peace wherever we are because Christ always preached peace. To the youth of the country and the church, he advised and encouraged all youth to embrace the efforts of the government in the Technical and vocational sectors which is the only path that can generate more jobs in the near future. In the closing remarks, Preacher Benjamin Amusah advised the congregants to preach the need to keep our surroundings clean and avoid littering.

The Memorial Anniversary was successfully concluded with an awards to its final year pupils who scored 100 percent in the 2022 BECE Examinations for Kingsley Arthur Memorial Academy. A school established thirteen years ago in memory of the founder Thearc Daniel Kingsley Arthur by the Church, Thearc Domain Church of Ghana situated at Tadisco Down in Takoradi.

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About the Founder

He was born as a Devout Methodist In Agona Nsaba in the year 7th April, 1913. Young Daniel received religious instructions from his grandfather, A leader in the Methodist Church whenever he returned from School. He got interested in the Gospel and decided to find things out for himself. This was in 1923…..